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How do I configure an Albert integration with Brightspace (D2L)?
How do I configure an Albert integration with Brightspace (D2L)?

Learn how to integrate Albert with your school’s Brightspace LMS as a tech admin.

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What does Albert’s Brightspace/D2L integration provide schools?

  • Students will be able to access Albert automatically with their Brightspace accounts.

  • The ability to import student rosters from Brightspace into Albert.

  • The ability to create Brightspace modules linking to Albert.

  • The ability to sync grades from Albert assignments to the Brightspace gradebook.

How do I set up the integration?

  1. Login to your Brightspace admin account.

  2. Click on the settings cog in the top right.

  3. Click Manage Extensibility from the bottom left.

  4. Click LTI Advantage from the tab bar.

  5. Click Register Tool.

  6. Select Standard.

  7. Fill out the registration form:

    1. Name: Albert (Registration) for the name.

    2. Domain: for the domain.

      1. Do not put a slash at the end of this URL.

    3. Redirect URLs: for the Redirect URLs.

    4. OpenID Connect Login URL:

    5. Target Link URI:

    6. Under Extensions select the following:

      1. Assignment and Grade Services

      2. Names and Role Provisioning Services

    7. Under Roles check the Send Institution Role checkbox.

    8. Under Substitution Parameters click Add Substitution Parameter and input the following info:

      1. Name: username

      2. Value: Select “$User.username”

  8. Click Register.

  9. Click View Deployments.

  10. A new tab should open. From this tab click New Deployment.

  11. Fill out the form:

    1. Select Albert (Registration) from the tool dropdown

    2. Name: Albert (Deployment)

    3. Extensions:

      1. Select Assignment and Grade Services

      2. Select Names and Role Provisioning Services

    4. Security Settings:

      1. Select Org Unit Information

      2. Select all for User Information

      3. Select Classlist including users not known to this deployment.

    5. Under Configuration Settings select Open as External Resource.

    6. Click Add Org Units. Select the relevant parts of your organization that should have access to Albert.

    7. Click Add.

  12. Click Create Deployment

  13. Click View Links

  14. A new tab should open. From this tab click New Link.

  15. Fill out the form

    1. Name: Albert

    2. Type: Basic Launch

  16. Click Save and Close.

  17. Complete this form to send us your Client ID, Deployment ID, and Brightspace URL. Our team will enable your integration from Albert’s backend.

How do I add a grade passback integration if I already set up a Brightspace SSO and rostering integration?

If you’ve already set up your Schoology integration for this school year, please complete this form to add grade passback to your existing integration.

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