What are school-managed email domains?

Many schools and districts have a dedicated email domain that they use to provide email accounts to students. For example, all students may have a school or district-issued email address ending in "@myschool.edu" or "@mydistrict.org". 

On Albert, school admins can associate their school license to one or more email domains. By adding a school managed email domain, admins are empowered with 3 new methods for managing student accounts:

  1. Any student who creates an Albert account with a school-managed email domain and enrolls in a classroom at your school can have their password reset by one of their teachers or any approved admin. We refer to these accounts as "school-managed students".

  2. Admins can choose to restrict classroom enrollment to their email domains. If you choose to restrict enrollment, students will only be allowed to enroll in classes if they sign-up with their school email account domain - personal emails will not allow students to enroll.

  3. By adding a school-managed email domain, admins can create student accounts.

Why would an admin add a school-managed email domain?

  • Adding a school-managed email domain is the best way to give your staff more control over student accounts. For example, Albert teachers and admins can manually reset student passwords with school-managed email domains.

  • Additionally, admins may want to add a school-managed domain to be able to create student accounts.

  • Adding a school-managed email domain also avoids a situation where students create multiple accounts on Albert by using different email addresses for different classrooms.

  • Admins can add a school-managed email domain, and then choose the option to "restrict enrollment" to school-managed email domains. 

How do I add my school or district email domain?

  1. Send an email to success@albert.io, with the title "School Managed Email Domain" and the email domain(s) that you'd like to add to your school.

  2. A success representative will add the email domain to your school, or follow up with any questions. 

What happens once my school-managed email domain has been added by the Success team?

You will be able to restrict enrollment and reset passwords for any school-managed student. You can explore these new permissions by logging into your Albert account, clicking on the Admin tab, then clicking on the School Accounts tab.

Here, you'll be able to:

  1. Reset the password of any school-managed student at your school (if you don't have any school-managed students, this School Accounts tab will look like the image below).

  2. View the list of your school managed email domains

  3. Choose to restrict enrollment to school-managed email domains by clicking on the blue text School Settings on the right-hand side of the screen.

  4. Create student accounts.

When you click on the text School Settings, you'll then be able to choose whether or not to restrict student enrollment to your school-owned email domains or allow students to use any email address.

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