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What are school-managed email domains?
What are school-managed email domains?

Learn how to allow teachers to reset student passwords and restrict student enrollment to only students with a specific email.

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What are school-managed email domains?

Many schools and districts have a dedicated email domain to provide students with email accounts. For example, all students may have a school or district-issued email address ending in "" or "". 

What are the benefits of adding a school-managed email domain?

School-managed email domains give your staff more control over student accounts. Albert teachers and admins will be able to:

  • Manually reset student passwords and usernames.

  • Restrict account creation and enrollment to one email domain to avoid students creating multiple accounts or using their personal emails.

How do I add my school or district email domain?

  1. Send an email to with the subject "School Managed Email Domain" and the email domain(s) that you'd like to add to your school.

  2. A representative will add the email domain to your school or follow up with any questions. 

How do I manage my school's email domain on Albert?

After you’ve contacted our Albert team and we've added your school’s email domain as a school-managed domain, you can explore this feature on the Admin Dashboard. To locate your school-managed email domain, follow this step:

  1. Log into Albert and click on the Admin tab.

  2. Click on the School Accounts tab.

On the Schools Accounts tab, you'll be able to:

  • View the list of your school-managed email domains.

  • Create student accounts.

  • Reset the existing login credentials of any school-managed student at your school.

  • Choose to restrict enrollment to school-managed email domains by clicking on the blue Edit Settings text on the right-hand side of the screen.

[Pro-tip]: When you click on Edit Settings, you'll then be able to choose whether or not to restrict student enrollment to your school-owned email domains or allow students to use any email address.

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