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How can my students with dyslexia better utilize Albert?
How can my students with dyslexia better utilize Albert?

The OpenDyslexic for Chrome extension will help all your students engage with Albert.

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Ensuring our content is accessible is part of our mission. While we're working hard to achieve that goal directly within Albert, we realize the heavy volume of reading can make Albert challenging for some students.

To combat this, we've highlighted a Chrome Extension that bridges the gap with Albert. OpenDyslexic Font integrates quickly and easily into the Google Chrome browser on your students' computers. If your students are using different devices to interact with Albert, please let us know and we can help you find an appropriate solution! 

Using OpenDyslexic Font for Chrome

The OpenDyslexic Font extension changes all of the text on the current webpage into a font that aims to help readers with dyslexia quickly identify the word on the page.

Getting Set Up

  1. Follow this link to read more about OpenDyslexic Font and add it to your or your student's browser.

  2. Follow the link to the Google Chrome Web Store and click the Add to Chrome button in the top right of the webpage.

  3. Click the Add Extension button in the subsequent pop-up window.

  4. You'll now find the extension shortcut to the right of the search bar on your Google Chrome browser; it looks like a black oval.

Font Transformation

To use OpenDyslexic, click on the extension shortcut in the top right of the Google Chrome browser and you will see the following window.

From here, click on the switch on the right of "Enable" in order to transform the text on the webpage. This will turn your Albert page from this:

To this:

The OpenDyslexic font adds a weight to the bottom of each character that makes each letter easily distinguishable and harder to transpose. The consistent weighting also guides the readers' eye in a straight line as they move through the passages. Here's an example from their website:

If you want to learn more about the design of this font, check out the about page

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