What are question groups?

Learn how to create customized assignments with questions that respond to the same stimulus.

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Question groups align with one common stimulus, such as pictures, passages, or audio. These types of questions are commonly found in social studies, ELA, and science subjects.

You can tell a question is part of a group by the โ€œX out of Yโ€ label next to the question title:

Each question can be saved to a folder, assigned, and practiced as a standalone question.

How to Assign Questions Groups:

  1. Select the desired questions or the entire group of questions.

  2. Click Assign, then click Assign your selection.

  3. Select the appropriate classes or students to whom you want to assign questions. After doing so, click Next.

  4. Fill out the required assignment options by creating a title and a due date, then click the green Submit button at the bottom of the page.

Note: When selecting questions and assigning or adding them to a folder, these questions will stay in a question grouping so long as the question order is not randomized. Smart assign does not ensure questions will remain in order.

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