When teachers assign an assessment or practice exam on Albert, they need to choose whether or not they would like to set a time limit for the assessment.

Each section of an Albert curated assessment is timed separately, with a checkpoint marking when the student has completed that portion and when they can move on to the next section. If an assessment has more than one section, the timer for the first section will not begin until the student selects Start Section. There is no option to "pause" a timer for an assessment while the student is working on one section.

Option 1: Using the Suggested Time Limit

Each assessment comes with a suggested time limit. For full-length AP®, ACT®, or SAT® practice exams, the suggested time limit will mirror the actual exam.

Option 2: Setting a Custom Time Limit

If you would like to set a custom time limit on your assignment, you can change the timer by checking the Use custom time box next to each section.

You can manually change the time limits for each section by typing in your desired time in minutes. For example, if you want students to have an hour and a half to complete Section 1, input 90.

Some teachers want to provide students a set amount of time to complete an assessment, but do not want to give them unlimited time. In this instance, teachers can change the time limit for each section to a custom time. For example, a teacher that wants students to complete the Free Response portion of a practice exam over three class periods. In this instance, the teacher changes the Free Response Question timer to 4230 minutes (3 days).

Teachers can also set custom time limits that are shorter than the recommended time. This option is great if you do not want students to enter and exit the assessment once they start. To create a shorter time limit, simply follow the directions above and input the desired time.

Option 3: Removing a Time Limit

Teachers that want students to take as much time as they need to complete an assessment can turn off the assessment time limit entirely.

To do so, teachers will need to select the Use custom time option under each section of the assessment and delete all numbers.

Note: Students will only have until the assessment due date to complete the assessment unless you choose to Allow late submissions.

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