Templates has been renamed to folders!

To learn how to use folders, click here. To learn how to assign folders, click here.  

Folders are the exact same as templates. However, to make folders easier to find, we've moved them out of Classes and into the global navigation bar. 

This means you can access your folders from anywhere on the site by clicking Folders at the top right of your screen.

We got rid of the term "templates" for two reasons:

  1. It's confusing. We originally intended for the term to convey reusability, but ample customer feedback indicated that the term was unclear at best and confusing at worst. 
  2. It's too limiting. In their current form, templates are basically assignment drafts. We hope to expand the use cases in the near future. In order to do so, we need a name that isn't coupled to assignments. We hope the name change will make sense as we add new features in the coming months!

We chose the name "folder" for a few reasons: 

  1. It's widely understood. People are used to using folders to keep things organized on computers. 
  2. It's unique in Albert. We aren't using the term anywhere else in the site, so it shouldn't get confused with any other features. 
  3. We were already using it. We analyzed a bunch of support conversations and discovered that our support team frequently explained templates as "like folders."
  4. It's not opinionated. Folders imply organization without implying the purpose of said organization. You can use folders for all sorts of uses. 
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