What is the Insights sub-tab?

You can find the Insights sub-tab in the Classes tab by selecting a classroom and then clicking the Insights sub-tab.

The Insights page offers both a high-level overview of class performance as well as student, question, and standard-specific drill-downs to support in-depth data analysis. Teachers can see custom results by filtering their Insights reports or exporting a Response Matrix or CSV for an even more comprehensive data analysis.

Note: You will only see data on the Insights sub-tab once you've created an assignment or opened a subject for Independent Practice.


The Insights report's metrics and performance can be filtered to show custom results. Filters can be modified or updated by adjusting the categories under the Filters list.

The first step is to select your Report Type: subject, assignment, or assessment data.

  • If you select Assignment or Assessment, type the name of the chosen assignment or assessment you wish you view.

  • If you select Subject, you can adjust more filters to narrow your search.


Select the Albert subject you want to analyze. Clicking the arrows provide a drop-down menu of all units, topics, and subtopics covered in the subject.

Attempt Number

Defaults to the most recent attempt, but if students have made multiple attempts, select from the dropdown to see how the metrics and performance change over time.


Defaults to a custom date range where you enter your chosen start and end date. You can also select “quick options” from the Date dropdown.


  • Mastery Levels Graph: The color-coded bars represent the proportion of students who fall into each mastery level category. Learn more about mastery levels.

  • Average Accuracy: The percentage of questions answered correctly, according to the filters you've selected.

  • Average Time Spent: The average number of minutes that students spent on questions according to the filters you've selected.

  • Unique Questions: The total number of questions that all students have answered, according to the filters you've selected.


There are three groups through which you can view detailed performance data:

  • Students: Includes time spent, progress, and mastery levels for each student in the class. Click on individual students for a student-specific report of questions answered.

  • Questions: Includes average time spent and answer breakdowns for each question in the Guide Level. Click on the question title to view a question-specific report of student responses. Click View Question to see the original question in the Subject Guide.

  • Standards: Includes standard category, number of relevant questions, average time spent, progress, and accuracy for each question in the Guide Level. Click on any standard to receive a standard-specific performance report by student or question. Hover over the standard to see an explanation of each standard. Click on Find Questions to see all questions that align to that standard in the chosen subject.

Custom Performance Results

  • Search: Find any specific student, question title, or standard by typing into the performance search feature.

  • Data-View: Expand your data-view to include total attempts, correct attempts, and incorrect attempts by selecting the options tool next to the search bar.

  • Download CSV: To download a CSV of just student, question, or standard data, click on the three dots to take that action.

Learn how to create and explore data reports from your Insights sub-tab.

To learn more about data-driven instruction, explore our Data Analysis mini-course on Albert Academy.

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