To begin searching, navigate into any of the subjects on Albert, I'll use Foundations of Algebra for my example. When you navigate into a subject, you'll be presented with the following options:

From here, you can search for questions in the specific subject by:

  1. Learning Standard (Common Core, NYS Next Generation, TEKS, NGSS, ACT, and College Board, etc.)

  2. Content Tag (topic covered in the question)

  3. Question Text (prompt, answer options, and explanation)

Question Text Searching

To start a question text search, click on the search bar on the righthand side of the subject guide, and type your search term. 

This will filter the questions to only those that contain the search term in the title, prompt, answer options, or solution explanation. Click on the topic to view the questions that contain the search term.  

Standards Searching

In the Standards drop down, you can search for standards by name (e.g. 4.MD.1), category (e.g. Common Core), or description. When you type in characters that match one of our standards, the drop-down will populate with matching standards. 

From here, you can select the standards that you want to filter to. When you select a standard via checkbox, that standard will appear in a list below the search matches. You can add as many standards as you want to this list. When you're browsing for standards, it might help to toggle the descriptions on by clicking the Descriptions button to the right of the search bar.

Tag Searching

Albert questions are tagged based on the content areas they cover. To search for a tag, click the Tags drop-down within the subject and enter the content area you're searching for in the search bar.

The drop-down will populate with tags that match your search. Similarly to standards searching, you can click on the search results to add them to a list that will further filter the resulting questions.

[Pro-tip]: Tag can be found in the subject Overview sub-tab.

Searching from a Question

You can also search for Standards and Tags within a specific question. To see the Standards and Tags assigned to a question, click on the Reveal Solution button at the bottom of the question and scroll to the bottom of the page again, beyond the Background and Distracting Choices. 

These standards and tags are clickable and will filter the questions in the subject to only those that also correspond to that standard or tag respectively.

Multiple Search Terms

You can also filter your search further by utilizing several search methods simultaneously. The questions below result from a standard search for 4.MD.4 and a tag search for 'line-plots' and include only the questions where both of those searches apply.

Search Tip!

All Albert searches are based on exact matches. This means that the broader your search term, the more likely you are to find results. For example, if you search for the tag "place-value-relationships" you will find only results with that specific title. If, however, you search the keyword "relationships" you will see both the "place-value-relationships" and "proportional-relationship" tags as results.

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