AP assessments on Albert are formatted and aligned to the latest CollegeBoard™ AP exam section structure and timing.

Each section of an AP assessment is timed separately, with a checkpoint marking when the student has completed that portion and when they can move on to the next section.

Teachers do have the option to customize the time on each section of the assessment.

If an assessment has more than one section, the timer for the first section will not begin until the student selects Start Section. Students must complete the entire section of the assessment in a single sitting. The timer can not be paused.

However, if an assessment has more than one section, students can complete each section at different times.


The AP Psychology assessment is split between two separate sections:

  • Multiple Choice - 70 minutes 
  • Free Response Questions - 50 minutes

If students select Start Section on the Multiple Choice section of the assessment, they will have only 70 minutes to complete that section. 

When the students either complete and submit the Multiple Choice section or run out of time, the timer will end for that section. Once the timer is elapsed, no additional answers can be submitted. 

Next, students will be prompted to complete the next section, Free Response Questions, by selecting Start Section. Students can choose to begin the second section later. 

As soon as the students select Start Section, the 50 minute timer for Free Response Questions will start and will not stop until either time runs out or students submit their answers.

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