How should I budget for an Albert license?

If you are a new school joining us, contact us at so we can outline your different options. 

If you are a renewing Learnerator school, you should budget very similarly to Learnerator. All of our licensed schools will be given a renewal discount just like in previous years.

We created a funding page on our blog to help you find state specific funding sources. 

Here are a few more starting blocks for grants to explore:

Your PTA/Alumni: Parent Teacher Associations can be a great source of funding

NEA Foundation: $2000 to $5000 grants for public school teachers
Title IID Education Technology: Awards go to institutions using technology to increase academic achievement.
Title I: Grants for schools serving disadvantaged students
Title IV: Grants for after-school programs in low-performing and high-poverty schoolsUS Department of Education: Discretionary grants
GetEdFunding: A huge database of grants
DonorsChoose: A teacher fundraising platform for classroom requests