How do I add a question to an existing assignment template?

 You can add an entire topic or an individual question to an existing assignment template.

Adding a Group of Questions to a Template:

1. Navigate to the topic in the subject guide and click the green “Assign Questions” button that appears to the right of the topic in the guide. Then select "Add to Template" from the drop-down. 

2. After clicking "Add to Template", a panel will slide out from the right of the page. This panel shows a list of templates you have already created. Select the template(s) you wish to add the topic or question to and then click the green “Add Questions to Assignment Template” button at the bottom of the panel.

Adding Single Questions to a Template:

1. Go to the subject guide for the topic about which you would like to create an assignment template (e.g. the AP Biology page).

2. Click on the Theme, Topic, or Subtopic of interest.

3. Click "Practice # Questions".

4. You are able to preview questions by clicking on the question titles within the list. When you decide to add a question to a template, click the checkbox next to the question title. 

5.  Click "Add to Template(s)". 

6. Select the template(s) you would like to add the question to. 

7. Click "Add to Template(s)". 

To learn how to rearrange or delete questions from a template, click  here.

Note: Both users (the teacher and the student) need to have upgraded access to the subject in order to use assignments. In other words, if you as the teacher have upgraded access and choose to create an assignment for students that includes questions that are not free, your students will not be able to fully complete your assignment