How do I grant licenses to students?

For licensed schools: In order for your students to get full access to a subject, you need to grant licenses. Otherwise, students will be asked to purchase the subject themselves. Granting licenses is a separate step from inviting students to join your classroom.

In order to grant licenses to students:

1. Log into your Albert account and click  into  the class where you'd like to grant licenses.

2. Click 'Licenses' on the menu. *If you do not see 'Licenses',  you have not been approved to join your school's license and should contact the "Admin User" in charge of your school's Albert account.

3. Search the subjects you'd like to grant licenses for. *If this is your first time granting licenses, the subject you associated with your classroom will automatically be selected for you. 

4. Select the students you'd like to grant licenses to. Click 'Review license grants'.   *If this is your first time granting licenses, make sure your name is also selected. It will be at the top of the student list.  

5. Click 'Confirm and Grant Licenses'. That's it! If you need additional help, refer to the animation below, or watch this video